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                You will get:

                -Very competent salary, base salary and commission,  average annual package above 300K.


                -You can  talk to top management(CEO/VP/Entrepreneur) after 2 years learning and work, and you can make career planning for them.

                -Career path we provide for you: Consultant — Team leader—Regional manager  Partner



                You need to do:

                -Responsible for customer information analysis and customer demand research;

                -Collect and analyze the detailed information of job requirements from the clients and make effective searching plans;

                -Analyze the market and determine the searching target;

                -Guide the assistant consultants to search and screen candidates in a effective and efficient way.

                -Communicate with the client, conduct interviews, make assessments for candidates, and identify suitable candidates through effective matching;

                -Coordinate and negotiate the salary for the candidate;

                -Follow the resign and onboard process.


                Job requirements:

                -Bachelor degree or above, good in English;

                -Confident, optimistic, good communication skills, goal-oriented, glad to take challenge.

                -Highly self-motivated.


                Experience requirements:

                HR experience is a plus

                Sales experience is a plus


                If you have interest, please send your resume to: tony.li@touchtalent.cn

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