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Top executives have 21 qualities

A company executive is a person who holds an important position in the company, is responsible for the company's operation and management, and has important information about the company. A good senior manager should not only have excellent business ability, but also have certain personality charm.


As a senior manager, you should be able to achieve the goal more efficiently and effectively under the same conditions. Compared with ordinary managers, you should have the following abilities.


Reverse thinking:

Reverse thinking is a way of thinking common to many tall people, rich people or successful people. Determine the target first, after knowing the direction, mobilize resources to achieve the target. Similarly, having such a way of thinking can also solve difficult problems in work. In particular, the boss may not have any good ideas, you can use reverse thinking to explore ways to solve the problem. Executives need to be able to find out whether the problem is artificial or objective. Technical issues or management vulnerabilities. It is easier to get out of a problem by using reverse thinking to find solutions.



Have empathy skills:

Be able to consciously think about solutions from the company's or boss's perspective. As a company or boss, the starting point for solving a problem is to first consider how to avoid the recurrence of similar problems, rather than a headache or foot pain. Being able to think of solutions from the standpoint of the company or the boss will gradually make them trustworthy.

The same goes for management, understanding the boss's intentions, and also knowing what his subordinates want.


Good at summary:

Ability to analyze, summarize and summarize problems. Can find the regularity of things, and control things, so that twice the result with half the effort. It is often said that hard work is better than clever work, but not everyone knows how to do it. Otherwise, we won't do the same thing. Ordinary people are too busy all day long. And they, however, are very unrestrained all day long.



Have certain writing skills:

Ability to write concisely. Bosses often don't have time to read long papers. Therefore, it is particularly important to learn to write concise text reports and to compile pleasing tables. Even complex questions can be condensed on a page of A4. Questions that require detailed explanation are attached to the report or form in the form of an attachment. Ask your boss to scan a page or a form to get an overview. If they are interested in this matter or find it important, they can read the attached information for details.


Information collection:

Pay attention to collecting all kinds of information, including various policies, reports, plans, programs, statistical reports, business processes, management systems, assessment methods, etc. Pay special attention to the information of competitors. Because any mature business process is itself a lot of experience and lessons learned, when it comes to time, it can be readily available. This cannot be found in any textbook, nor can it be taught by that teacher.


Propose solutions:

When faced with a problem, they don't ask their boss to do a "question and answer" but a "choice question". Normal people encounter problems, first is to report to the leadership, ask for solutions. Listen with your ears to the instructions given by your supervisor. This calls for the leader to do "question and answer". And they often bring their own solutions for leaders to choose and decide. This is often said to give leaders "choice questions". The leader clearly prefers the "choice question".



Super ability of self-comfort. They often find comfort and relief in the face of failure, setbacks and setbacks. They also quickly learn lessons and trust that things will change. They believe that a blessing in disguise, a blessing in disguise, or that god will open a window when he closes a door for you.


Good communication skills:

When they find that face-to-face communication with their boss isn't working, they try to communicate by moving back in the form of an email, a written letter, a report. Because written communication can sometimes achieve results that face-to-face communication cannot. The views, Suggestions and methods to be expressed can be explained in a more comprehensive way. To get your boss to listen to you finish, instead of interrupting you, or being interrupted by a phone call from your desk. It's also convenient for your boss to choose a time he or she thinks is free to "listen" to your nagging.

Communication is a kind of self-promotion ability and good oral expression ability. As a great entrepreneur, it is necessary to have excellent communication skills, because only communication can eliminate estrangement, eliminate incomprehension, and finally achieve tacit understanding. In the process of implementation, everyone moves in unison.


Have the courage to accept the extra things:

They don't give up on any opportunity to exercise, seeing it as a rare opportunity. And realize that today's part may be tomorrow's part. They often see them brave enough to accept the extra things others do not want to take, and strive for a satisfactory result.



They have an efficient, dedicated and committed professionalism. The main performance is: the thinking mode is modernized, has the advanced management idea and can use it in the management practice. The company's business activities are never personal. In this way, they will dare to speak up, correct the wrong behaviors of other employees and criticize the quality defects of suppliers. For only selflessness can one be fearless. It is also a requirement of professionalization of behavior. People with this professionalism are welcome to any organization and, sooner or later, will succeed.


There are patterns:

The pattern is personality and mind. Having personality, style and mind is an essential quality for senior executives. Often in the river's lake wave, which have no knife, that is to say, in the process of the work, have emerged, there are criticisms, counterproductive, and behind said you bad, if you as an executive, that must be a laugh, who heard they're ill other people can succeed, and who have heard that counterarguments others can do it everyday, so, broad-minded, not influenced by some people, magnanimous, such, can do executives, this is called a pattern.

As a manager you must stand to consider the height of the higher, don't always consider themselves or their business interests, as a mainstay of the company to stand in the Angle of the company to consider the problem, pattern, don't is hard to see the forest through the trees, don't just see a tree in front of me, to see the trees, even a forest.

For ourselves, sometimes our tongue and teeth get in a fight. What's more, entrepreneurs are sometimes misunderstood by subordinates, customers, suppliers and even communities. As an entrepreneur, do you continue to bump into each other, or do you stop to look for an exit? Entrepreneurs need to be tolerant. The so-called prime minister can punt a boat! Otherwise, the business will be difficult to operate!


Continuous learning improvement:

Erudition. You have a wider knowledge base than the average person.


Positive attitude:

Tenacity, perseverance, aggressive, not because of one or two strikes and deflated, always maintain upward passion;

Do not bring the negative information to work, can absorb bad information, adhere to the sunny mentality, positive mentality, digression day, everything that youth has, show this society, so, live in the present, live interesting.



Only passionate managers can be contagious, infecting customers and making them more loyal, infecting employees and making them work hard.



Lead by example:

To be a role model first, then to be a manager, to go to the front line, to a new life, so, only command other people, not their own bold do, do according to the system, will always be on paper, sooner or later will be an accident


Strengthen cultivation:

Virtue has to be matched. The greater the responsibility, the higher the post, the higher the requirement of virtue, and the more we need to cultivate ourselves. We are all mortals, but we need to keep working hard and grow up.

As a leader, we should pay attention to our own behavior first. Confucian thought: "gewu, zhizhi, zhengxin, sincerity, self-cultivation, family" to "rule the world." The philosopher Lao tzu summarized the essence of leadership: a leader should possess the cultivation and virtue of heaven and earth.


Dare to bear:

Have a sense of responsibility, dare to bear, achievements are everyone's, the problem is mine.


Development vision:

Good insight, see small understanding, take a long view, take development in mind, what others do not think you should be able to think first.

Foresight. Managers need to be very predictable. They need to be one step ahead of the competition.

As a team leader, you must have the ability to combine organization industry and stage of development to the team vision of the future, you have to have the ability to plan out the attractive in the future, you have to have the ability to clearly pointed out that the future can achieve what the team, have the ability enough to stir up the enthusiasm of the employees to participate in and make it possible for members and organization of a win-win situation, members will work hard.


Scientific decision making:

Calm, intelligent judgment, calm analysis, scientific decision-making, good at listening to other people's opinions but also to have their own opinions;



We should be able to unite the people, be responsible to both the top and bottom, arouse their passion for work and give play to their collective wisdom.


Strong executive ability:

To sit and think is better than to walk. Only action can turn thoughts into results. A manager who doesn't have action power and doesn't give it to everyone is a puppet.

Ability to understand the boss's intentions and organize implementation. Most managers are happy to assign tasks and make decisions, but really effective managers are good at making tasks and decisions. A good executive can make up for poor decision-making.


Understand the company's strategic planning and boss's intentions:

Have insight. Before doing anything, you must understand the task, figure out what the company wants you to do, and then use that as the goal to determine the direction of the work. This is very important. You can't start working hard without knowing a little. To know one thing clearly is better than to do ten things carelessly.


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