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6 tips for face to face interview

Understand the target company:

The more you know about the prospective employer, the more relaxed and confident you'll feel in an interview. You can spend time browsing the company's website to get a better understanding of their company, products, and business areas. If it is a listed company, you can also understand the company's annual report, quarterly reports, the company's performance.


Identify your characteristics:

You'll need to come up with three or four adjectives or traits that best describe you as a professional, prepare them for one or two real life situations, examples, and accomplishments that you'll be able to relate to in an interview. For example, you are upright, persistent, proactive and a team player. Or you can be proactive and strategic. For example, you are a good problem solver, like to seek answers, good at managing others, focus on results, focus on efficiency, excellent communicator and so on.


Examples prove to be the key:

Let others know about your abilities, achievements, and excellence. The most persuasive and interesting approach is to tell specific stories. No matter what qualities or accomplishments you mention above, you must have one or two real- life examples to prove them. For example, if you say you are a very active person, use an example to prove it. If you say you're born with leadership skills, describe a realistic scenario that reflects that. If you say you are a resourceful person who can overcome great challenges, tell about one such case.


Good questions:

Good questions always impress interviewers. The questions you ask not only reflect the questions and thoughts you are considering, but also show that you are really interested in their company and the career opportunity. So, before the interview, prepare several questions to ask.


Answer the interviewer's questions positively:

The basic rules of an interview are simple: listen carefully, think clearly, and answer accurately. Every interviewer has his or her own style, method, and habit of asking questions. To answer each question well, you must be clear about what the interviewer is asking, and then give high-quality answers. A high quality answer is to be able to demonstrate your deep knowledge, insight, and experience in handling different situations.


Interact with the interviewer:

One of the key goals of an interview is to interact with the interviewer to give them an idea of who you really are, who you are and what inspires you the most. To get there, you need to be as open, honest and truthful as possible. Don't rely too much on powerpoint or other presentations, which interviewers don't expect to see. The best way to do this is to communicate as simply as possible and talk directly to the interviewer. Above all, don't hold back, because this opportunity is for you only once.


As long as you grasp all the above aspects well and put them into practice, you will be sure to show your best in the interview.


Finally, let us remind our friends: never ask about salary first, but always wait for the interviewer to ask first. If they are interested in you, they will definitely mention this important question.

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