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"GOOD" resume 7 core elements

Resumes should not be longer than 3 pages:

No matter how old you are, a good resume should not be longer than three pages. Because the time an interviewer spends on each page is limited.


Keep your resume simple, but not plain and simple:

"Jane" simplifies information that is not related to the job, but focuses on the core competence of headhunters and recruitment companies and highlights their unique strengths or experiences.


A good resume paragraph should be clear:

It can be clearly seen that the starting years of work, the enterprises served, the positions held, etc., can be strengthened by using the title description method with significant boldface.


Presentation soft skills:

Through the interpretation of the position JD, understanding the job responsibilities, and focusing on the job content of the position, I will present my accumulated work experience and soft skills in stages, such as management ability, excellent performance, classic cases, influence, etc.


Work experience:

The main responsibilities and achievements of each job should be described by using flashback method. The description of each work content should be first general and then specific, and be described layer by layer in a funnel-shaped way.


Key points:

Sales management such as applying for jobs, your resume must indicate what type of products you are responsible for the sales work, it is to belong to B2C, B2B, generally speaking, industrial sales on the candidate's professional technical background, and consumer goods to the candidate's professional without too much limitation, after all, they are related to our life, easy to master product knowledge.


Format your resume neatly and succinctly:

Resume writing should follow the "simple and clear" principle, because the resume is for the interviewer to read!


Always remember that a resume is more than just a personal introduction. It's an important part of your personal profile.


Tips: executive talents should not spread their resumes aimlessly, and the application of resumes should be targeted and one-to-one matching positions. The best way of mail attachment and short business cover letter has the highest success rate.

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